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  • L 88

    Thanks to the articulated arm it allows to keep the position of use fixed, in the presence of strong stresses or vibrations.

  • 198Led

    This model is purposely designed to be used on desks. Despite the limited extension of the pantograph arm its stability is guaranteed by ad-hoc engineered springs.

  • 188 Led

    Particularly suitable for precision work in different areas.

  • Gold Led

     The four rows of LED lamps make the Gold-LED model particularly suitable for applications where diffused and uniform light is needed.

  • 160 Led

    The wide rectangular reflector makes the product well suited in all those activities, which require a large illuminated surface.

  • IP67

    Rectangular Fluorescent Ceiling Lamps. Available in 39W or 24W.

  • IP69 LED

    Rectangular Ceiling Lamps in tempered Pyrex glass screen. Available Standard (emitting a vertical flux of light) or at 45 degree thus producing a light beam inclined of 45 degrees.

  • Led PMMA 700mm

    Cylindrical LED PMMA. Available in 24V or 230V.

  • Fluorescent PMMA 700mm

    Cylindrical Fluorescent PMMA. Available in 24V, 115V or 230V.

  • Fluorescent Glass 700mm

    Cylindrical fluorescent glass. Available in 24V, 115V or 230V.

  • Led Glass 700mm

    Cylindrical Led glass. Available in 24V or 230V.

  • Led PMMA 505mm

    Cylindrical LED PMMA. Available in 24V or 230V.