Our Lights

Series and Models

Thanks to the choice of quality materials, RIMSA products have been appreciated by international customers for over 80 years.
  • Mod. 10

    Since 1964, with more than 500,000 units sold, the Mod. 10 has continued to provide technicians, designers, architects and planners with bright, clear and restful lighting.

  • Mod 80

    The special finishes of the product make it a lovely companion during your nights in the office.

  • Golia Series

    Golia Series

    The G Series is developed around the lighting fixture, a reflector made of impactresistant (IK05) and water and dust-resistant (IP66) aluminium.

    Revolution, strength, robustness. The Golia (G) series takes its name from its technical features which make the products of this series revolutionary, strong and sturdy.

  • Ciclope Series

    Ciclope Series

    The appropriate magnification of an object puts the eye in a position to capture details more quickly, increasing the degree of precision.

    The lens has 3 dioptres, thus offering 175% more magnification than the original.

  • Diana Series

    Diana Series

    This series was created with the aim of offering help to users who need to illuminate uneven work areas.

    The concave reflector, which can be positioned in any direction, offers incredible flexibility of use.

  • Mec 103

    The Mec 103 is a product specially designed to illuminate counters and work environments. The possibility of manually locking the arm guarantees total stability in the working environment.

  • MC 1

    Designed for applications requiring the presence of a small light source, the MC/1 is an excellent companion for column drills, operating machines, sewing machines, and for lighting paintings and works of art.

  • Gold Led

     The four rows of LED lamps make the Gold-LED model particularly suitable for applications where diffused and uniform light is needed.

  • 160 Led

    The wide rectangular reflector makes the product well suited in all those activities, which require a large illuminated surface.

  • Cylindrical Ceiling Lights

    Cylindrical Ceiling Lights

    Watertight ceiling lamps are particularly suitable for lighting up machine tool work areas, where well-layered linear lighting of both the spindle and the work area is required.

    The TF Series watertight ceiling lamps are available in three different lengths. Operating temperature max. 60°C.

  • Rectangular ceiling lights

    Rectangular ceiling lights

    The aluminum body dissipates the heat produced by the electronic power supply circuit and the fluorescent tube, increasing their duration.

    The ceiling light is composed of a robust black anodized extruded aluminum profile.

  • Accessories