The reflector lens is designed to provide increasing intensity as the distance between the light source and the lighted object decreases; at 30 cm the reflector generates an intensity of 50,000 lx distributed over a diameter of 15 cm, at 50cm 25,000 lx over a diameter of 25 cm, while at 70 cm 15,000 lx over a diameter of 30 cm.


  • Metal structure
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Anti-corrosion paint
  • Pyrex glass


Technical sheet – Ask 60

OBJ – 3D Model – ASK60

USDZ – 3D Model – ASK60


Power 8 W
Supply 12-24 V ca/cc
Illuminance at 50 cm 30.000 Lux
Colour Temperature 5.000 K
Reflector’s diameter 90 mm
Diameter of the light field 190 mm
Product’s life 50.000 hours
Colour rendering index (CRI) 87 Ra
Luminous flux 550 lm
Structure Reflector + 1 Joint
IP Protection IP 68
IK Protection IK 05
Class III
Cabling H05 RN-F 2X1 2 m (no plug)
Fixing 4 screws
Colour Hammered Grey
Order Code ASK60-LED-BT

This product is suitable for applications where a lamp source with clear and bright lighting, cool light, vibration resistance and long service life is required. It is recommended for machine tools.

The sturdiness of the reflector makes it suitable for use inside machining centres with water and coolant sprays. The small size and light weight of the reflector ensure easy positioning and great stability.

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Hammered grey