Golden light


Golden Light stands as the only available lighting solution purposely conceived, designed and manufactured for veterinary purposes conscious of the many differences to human surgical lighting both in terms of design and use.

technical details and presentation


Illumination Ec at 1 m +- 10% 160,000 lux
Color temperature [K] 4,000 – 4,600
Colour rendering index Ra [-] 95 Ra
Light field diameter d10 [mm] (D) 260
Light field adjustment – to – [mm] 110 – 350
Lighting depth L1+L2 [cm] at 60% 81
Max radation [W/m²] 556
Irradiance / Illumination [mW/m²lx] 3.47
Max radation in UV [W/m²)] 0.002
Power connection details
Primary alternate voltage [Volt ac] 100 – 240
Frequency [Hz] 50 / 60
Absorbed power [VA] 71
Light Source No. 81 LEDs
Duration of LED diode light source
(this figure can very according to power peaks and operatin frequency)
Light intensity control [%] 25 – 100

The use of RIMSA’s “always on focus” technology, makes it possible to have a focalized light at any distance. The surgeon can thus freely move the light within the working range distance and the light would always be on focus.
Golden Light truly cares for veterinary surgeon’s needs, Golden light is not a traditional surgical light adapted for veterinary purposes both rather a vet specific surgical light with a larger field diameter and designed to allow for the surgeon to work without the assistance of a medical equipe.

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fissaggi penta 12, 28

ceiling, double, floor, wall