Golden is the first surgical lamp developed specifically for veterinary use. Usually, traditional surgical lamps are adapted for zoological use, but in this case Golden is the result of analysis and feedback from the veterinary sector.
Aware of the significant differences from the human sector regarding both design and use, the Rimsa R&D department has developed this innovative lamp. The Golden model is the only lamp studied, designed and produced for the veterinary needs.

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Light intensity at 1 m distance (Ec) 160,000 lux
Colour temperature (2 selections) 4,000 – 4,600 K
Colour rendering index (CRI) 94 Ra
Color rendering index – R9 > 90 Ra
d10 light field diameter where illuminance reached 10% of Ec 260 mm
Diameter adjustment from – to – 140 – 350 mm
Depth of illumination IEC 60601-2-41 (L1+L2) at 60% 81 cm
Depth of illumination IEC 60601-2-41 (L1+L2) at 20%
Max irradiance 560 W/m2
Irradiance / illumination 3,47 mW/m2lx
Primary alternate voltage (ac) 100 – 240 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Elettrical absorption 60 W – 67 VA
Light head diameter 52 cm
N. of LEDs 81
Average LED life 60.000 hours

The larger light diameter and the ability to use it at its best without the assistance of a medical team are just some of the features of Golden. The diameter of the light field can be adjusted between 11 and 35 cm giving the surgeon a very wide light field. A larger work area than a traditional surgical lamp allows the veterinary surgeon to focus during the operation instead of needing to move the reflector. The adjustment of the diameter is possible through a capacitive sensor placed on the sterilizable handle, in order to guarantee the surgeon full control of the lamp.
The use of RIMSA technology with “always on focus” light guarantees perfect focus at any distance. In this way, the surgeon can freely move the lamp within the working area without having to worry about refocusing the light, which means having perfect light in every position.
The ease of movement allows to position the product directly by the surgeon, without the need of any assistant. This flexibility is possible thanks to the internal development of the arm structure and a perfect balancing of the reflector.

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