Strengthened by the result achieved in 2002 with the first LED surgical lamp in the world, in 2017 Rimsa presented to the public the first surgical lamp without any glare.


Illumination Ec at 1 m +- 10% 160,000 lux
Color temperature [K] 3800K – 5000
Colour rendering index (CRI) 96 Ra
d10 light field diameter where
illuminance reached 10% of Ec
210 mm
Light field adjustment – to – [mm] 210 – 350
Lighting depth L1+L2 at 60% 49 cm
Depth of illumination IEC 60601-
2-41 (L1 + L2) at 20%
103 cm
Total radiated energy Ee where
the illuminance reaches max
580 W/m²
Ratio between radiated energy
Ee and illuminance Ec
Primary alternate voltage [Volt
100 – 240 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Absorbed power [VA] 53 W
Number of LED 84
Average led life 50,000 hours

LIGHT WITHOUT GLARE: Thanks to the “2R” technology it was in fact possible to completely suppres the glare: the sensation of blindness created by looking at a highly luminous surface like a scialytic lamp. The 2R technology is based on a double reflection. The use of this technology, developed in collaboration with a national university, also allows for the maximization of the light emitting surface.
COMPENSATION AREA: The risky effect of black spots resulting from direct glare is further reduced by the presence of a compensation area: an area with low light intensity around the surgical field that mitigates the visual transition from an area with high light intensity to a darker one.
MANEUVERABILITY: Mastiff has been conceived, designed and built to meet ergonomics and maneuverability requirements; the reflector was designed to allow a comfortable grip by the operator, the light intensity can be adjusted by the sterilizable handle and then by the surgeon himself during the operation through a touch command.

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