Rectangular Fluorescent Ceiling Lamps. Available in 39W or 24W.
order code: PS2039X2-230 – 39W, PS2024X2-230 – 24W

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Technical sheet – Flat cieling lights


39 W 24 W
Power T5 T5
Supply 39 W G5 24 W G5
Dimension 920 x 130 x 29H mm 620  x 130 x 29H mm
IP Protection IP67 IP67
IK Protection IK08 IK08
Class I I
Cable None None
order code PS2039X2-230 PS2024X2-230


The side parts in moulded polymeric material are screwed directly onto the extruded aluminium body, while the front of the ceiling lamp is covered by a 4 mm tempered Pyrex glass screen, perfectly sealed with a polyurethane gasket.

Protection degree IP67. The tempered glass is fixed to the aluminium body by means of plastic screw fasteners. The electronic supply unit and T5 fluorescent tubes are located inside the ceiling lamp. The lumen output of the T5 fluorescent tubes is reflected by a specially designed diffuser screen. All the materials are resistant to common solvents, degreasing agents, and lubricant and coolant emulsions. The side cap features the connection terminal for connection to the external cable, with maximum dimensions of M20x1.5 mm. To access the electrical connection terminal, first remove the cable gland sealed with an O-ring. It is not therefore necessary to disassemble the ceiling lamp in order to connect it electrically to the machine. This saves time for the installer and reduces the possibility of reassembly error.

The high quality (and good cooling) of the electronic supply unit and T5 fluorescent tubes are a prerequisite for a lamp service life of 20,000 hours.

The electronic supply unit includes active power factor compensation, rapid ignition control, and protection against fluorescent tube removal during operation. The lighting device is fixed to the machine by means of techno-polymer stops fitted in the lower guides on the side of the aluminium body; 4 stops are included in the standard delivery. All lighting devices are supplied with 840-grade fluorescent tubes. Operating temperature max. 50°C.

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24 W, 39 W