Architectural Series

The Architectural series was created with the aim of offering solid and reliable solutions to operators who seek tradition, quality and style. In the lamps of this series it is clearly visible the care of the aesthetic element and the architectural and decorative component.

The lamps of the Architectural series are elegant and contemporary, thanks to the special finishes, but without ever losing the industrial nature.

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  • Mod 80

    To mark its 80th anniversary, RIMSA decided to present a reinterpretation of its most representative product, the Mod.10 at its mechanical and aesthetic best. While the original model has, for decades, shed light and clarity on the benches of generations of developers, engineers and mechanics, who have given the world hundreds of familiar products, this reinterpretation in an urban industrial guise aims to offer a solid and reliable solution to new inventors looking for quality, tradition and style. The special rubberized finishes in black, exclusive to this lamp, imbue the product with elegance and contemporaneousness. Features: S11 Clamp included Metal structure Pantograph Anti-corrosion paint   Technical sheet – Mod 80 USDZ – 3D Model – Mod 80 OBJ – 3D Model – Mod 80 ...
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  • Mod 10

    Since 1964, with more than 500,000 units sold, the Mod. 10 has continued to provide technicians, designers, architects and planners with bright, clear and restful lighting. Features: S11 Clamp included Metal structure Pantograph Anti-corrosion paint Resistant cable Technical sheet – Mod 10 USDZ – 3D Model – Mod 10 OBJ – 3D Model – Mod 10 ...
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  • Mec 103

    Mec 103

    MEC103 is a product specially designed to illuminate counters and work environments. The possibility of manually locking the arm guarantees total stability in the working environment. Features: Metal structure Structure with joints Anti-corrosion paint Resistant cable   Technical sheet – Mec 103 OBJ – 3D Model – Mec 103 USDZ – 3D Model – Mec 103 ...
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