Architectural Series

RIMSA’s Architectural Series was created with the aim of combining technical quality and aesthetic value in a single lamp.

In fact, the models in this series ensure high quality on a technical level and at the same time, on an aesthetic level, appear elegant, decorative and contemporary, retaining the industrial side typical of RIMSA.

The Architectural Series offers 3 models. The Mod10 and Mec103 models follow the company’s historical roots: the steel joint cup is traced in the original 1946 mould designed by RIMSA’s founder and bearing the inscription: ‘Brevetti Longoni’. Audace, RIMSA’s latest addition, marks the beginning of a new era, where lighting features are borrowed from RIMSA’s technology used in the medical sector. What they all have in common are the structure, which ensures strong and precise lighting; the propagation of light, designed to avoid shadows on the work surface in order to leave the operator free to move about without worries; and the balanced arm, for the adjustment of which only one movement is needed as the reflector adapts to the movement of the arm.

The strength of the design, bold and appealing, the aesthetic attention paid to every detail and the patented functionality make the lamps in RIMSA’s Architectural Series highly sought after by offices, architects, and designers.



The Architectural Series was designed with the aim of combining design and efficiency.

The name “Architectural Series” derives in particular from how its models are employed. Although these lamps are mainly used by architects and designers who are looking for a unique design, lighting that suits their professional needs and a practical working tool, RIMSA’s lamps are also popular with anyone who loves an industrial style, who is looking for a minimalist décor or wants to reproduce an industrial style.

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  • Audace lampada da tavolo rimsa


    Redefine the way you perceive light and space with AUDACE, the first LED table lamp model with indirect lighting. The model offers exceptional performance, projecting 1,800 lux at a distance of 50 cm over a diameter of 1 meter. The color temperature is fully adjustable. The pantograph arm ensures practicality and functionality. Download Audace brochure here! Download Audace LDT file here! ...
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  • Lampada da tavolo Rimsa Mod 10

    Mod 10

    Vintage with contemporary quality. Since 1964 the Mod 10 balanced-arm lamp has been providing technicians, designers, architects, and planners with bright, clear and soothing light. A quintessential technician’s lamp, it adapts to any space. The Mod 10 is RIMSA’s distinctive and emblematic model. It features a fiberglass and iron filled nylon reflector and a pantograph arm for excellent maneuverability. ...
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  • Mec 103

    Mec 103

    The Mec 103 industrial lamp is ideal on parallel lathes, presses, drill presses, milling machines, grinding machines, transfer machines, and on industrial staplers and assembly benches. For convenient handling, there is a handle on the reflector. The reflector consists of a fiberglass-filled ABS dome and a lathe-turned sheet metal reflector with reinforced edge. The possibility of manually locking the arm guarantees total stability in working environments. ...
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