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  • G-LED

    Recommended where the operator is engaged in machining large parts or where ample-range movement of the light source is required. Features: Metal structure 3-joint arm Printed circuit boards Anti-corrosion paint Pyrex glass   Technical sheet – G Led OBJ – 3D Model – G-LED USDZ – 3D Model – G-LED-BT   ...
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  • Industrial lamp for machine tools, milling machines and lathes ASK60 LED RIMSA


    ASK60 LED industrial lamp for machine tools, milling machines and lathes The impact-resistant IK05 and water/dust penetration resistant IP68 aluminium reflector guarantees a high colour temperature 5000 K intense light with a minimum power consumption 8 W. Inside the reflector are 3 carefully selected LEDs to ensure a long service life of 60000 hours and high heat dissipation through a high-performance aluminium and ceramic base. The reflector optics are designed to provide increasing light intensity as the light source approaches the object to be illuminated. This LED lamp is ideal for industrial applications requiring strong illumination with cold light, vibration resistance and long operating life. The reflector is able to withstand the presence of water, oils, coolant splashes and dust inside machining centres. In addition, thanks to its small size and light weight, the reflector offers great manoeuvrability and positioning stability. The ASK60 machine tool lamp is manufactured in Italy by Rimsa, guaranteeing the highest quality and safety for industrial use. The reflector optics are designed to offer increasing intensity as the distance of the light source from the illuminated object decreases; at 30 cm the reflector generates an intensity of 50,000 lux distributed over a 15 cm diameter, at 50 cm 25,000 lux over a 25 cm diameter, and at 70 cm 15,000 lux over a 30 cm diameter. Features: Metal structure Printed circuit boards Anti-corrosion paint Pyrex glass   Technical sheet – Ask 60 OBJ – 3D Model – ASK60 USDZ – 3D Model – ASK60 ...
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  • 050-LED

    The model is suitable for use on machine tools – the arm structure and its flexibility allow maximum freedom of movement. Features: Metal structure Flexible arm Printed circuit boards Anti-corrosion paint Pyrex glass   Technical sheet – 050 Led OBJ – 3D Model – 050-LED USDZ – 3D Model – 050-LED ...
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  • Golden

    Golden is the first surgical lamp developed specifically for veterinary use. Usually, traditional surgical lamps are adapted for zoological use, but in this case Golden is the result of analysis and feedback from the veterinary sector. Aware of the significant differences from the human sector regarding both design and use, the Rimsa R&D department has developed this innovative lamp. The Golden model is the only lamp studied, designed and produced for the veterinary needs. Golden – catalogue ...
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  • Cavalier

    Cavalier is a great solution for both outpatient and minor surgery; its features make it suitable for any kind of operation combining the extreme handling of an examination light. The 28 lenses, distributed into a 40cm reflector, convey the rays emitted by the led onto the operating field, granting shadows suppression and three-dimensional light. Cavalier – catalogue ...
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  • Saturno-led

    This is a surgical-type lamp suitable for minor surface operation surgeries, gynaecology and emergency room. The fact that the beams are close together (reflector size 195mm), means that they do not have to be focused. The lamp is very easy to move thanks to the lightness of the aluminium support structure. ...
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  • surgical light led lamp Pentaled 12 Rimsa medical equipment hospital clinic

    Pentaled 12

    A concentration of unparalleled performance technology, the best for a lamp for ambulatories and minor surgery. Their compact dimensions and extremely handy structure are permeated by the strong determination of Rimsa heart, a synonym of high technology, quality and performance ever since. The thin dome with two convenient side grips ensures easier positioning and adjustment and reduces overall dimensions. ...
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  • Lampada scialitica per sala operatoria led Pentaled 28 Rimsa

    Pentaled 28

    Pentaled 28 WATCH THE VIDEO HERE ON YOUTUBE 2 Colour temperature selections: 4500 – 5000 K 28 LEDs to ensure 120.000 Lux Average LED life: 60.000 hours Compact size and handy structure, rotation on 4 axes The light field diameter can be adjusted (110 to 330 mm) by turning the central handle The structure, handy, is made of steel while the dome in anodized aluminum. It is composed of 85% recyclable materials Energy saving: low energy consumption, 2/3 less than a conventional halogen system. ...
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  • 176 Led – previous model

    Given the reduced dimensions of the arms, the product is particularly intended to be used on tables. The industrial design of the product might prove to be the touch of style you need on your desk. S11 Clamp included. Features: curved reflector pantograph with springs metal structure anti-corrosion paint resistant cable 3D_Model Technical_Catalog video ...
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  • 166 Led – previous model

    The unique shape of its diameter intends to offer a solution to all those lighting needs which are not wholly satisfied by traditional lighting. The pantograph arms allows for an extreme manoeuvrability. S11 Clamp included. Features: curved reflector pantograph with springs metal structure anti-corrosion paint resistant cable 3D_Model Technical_Catalog video ...
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  • 198Led – previous model

    This model is purposely designed to be used on desks. Despite the limited extension of the pantograph arm its stability is guaranteed by ad-hoc engineered springs. S11 Clamp included. Main features: polished optical glass plexiglass accurately placed inside the reflector to protect the leds pyrex glass 3D_Model Technical_Catalog More features: pantograph with springs metal structure anti-corrosion paint resistant cable ...
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  • Mod 80

    To mark its 80th anniversary, RIMSA decided to present a reinterpretation of its most representative product, the Mod.10 at its mechanical and aesthetic best. While the original model has, for decades, shed light and clarity on the benches of generations of developers, engineers and mechanics, who have given the world hundreds of familiar products, this reinterpretation in an urban industrial guise aims to offer a solid and reliable solution to new inventors looking for quality, tradition and style. The special rubberized finishes in black, exclusive to this lamp, imbue the product with elegance and contemporaneousness. Features: S11 Clamp included Metal structure Pantograph Anti-corrosion paint   Technical sheet – Mod 80 USDZ – 3D Model – Mod 80 OBJ – 3D Model – Mod 80 ...
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