Serie Ciclope


Thanks to the articulated arm it allows to keep the position of use fixed, in the presence of strong stresses or vibrations.

Main features:

  • S11 Clamp included
  • Dimmer
  • Polished optical glass
  • Plexiglass accurately placed inside the reflector to protect the leds
  • Pyrex glass
  • Pantograph with springs
  • Metal structure
  • Anti-corrosion paint
  • Resistant cable


L88-LED Technical Sheet



Power 15.5  W
Supply 110-240 V
Illuminance at 50cm 2.250 lux
Light Intensity Adjustment (Dimmer included) 0,5% – 100%
Diopters 3 (175%)
Color temperature 5.300 K
Diameter of the light field 230 mm
Lighting reflector 700 mm
Life product 50.000 hours
Movement Arm with joints
IP Protection IP20
IK Protection IK03
Class III
Cable Plug-top transformer; interchangeable plugs
Fixing S11 / S15 / S12MED Clamp /RL
Colours Hammered Grey (GM), Hammered White (BM)
Order Code L88-LED-GM, L88-LED-BM

The special arm available on the L88-LED model allows for stability under strong vibrations. Because of its sturdiness, the product appears to be a very good companion in the industrial environment.

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Hammered grey, Hammered white