Ciclope Series

The appropriate magnification of an object puts the eye in a position to capture details more quickly, increasing the degree of precision.

The lens has 3 dioptres, thus offering 175% more magnification than the original.

Adding good lighting to a work area increases safety and reduces visual effort.

The lenses used on the C Series models are made of polished optical glass in order to avoid visual fatigue, migraine headaches, distortions or misrepresentation of the colours of the object observed which would occur in the case of plastic lenses or other types of glass lenses.

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  • L 88

    Thanks to the articulated arm it allows to keep the position of use fixed, in the presence of strong stresses or vibrations. ...
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  • 198Led

    This model is purposely designed to be used on desks. Despite the limited extension of the pantograph arm its stability is guaranteed by ad-hoc engineered springs. ...
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  • 188 Led

    Particularly suitable for precision work in different areas. ...
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