The lenses used on the C Series models are made of polished optical glass in order to avoid visual fatigue, migraine headaches, distortions or misrepresentation of the colours of the object observed which would occur in the case of plastic lenses or other types of glass lenses. The lens has 3 dioptres, thus offering 75% more magnification than the original. The products of the C-Series are also available with intensity control function.

Main features:

  • S11 Clamp included
  • Dimmer
  • Polished optical glass
  • Plexiglass accurately placed inside the reflector to protect the leds
  • Pyrex glass
  • Pantograph with springs
  • Metal structure
  • Anti-corrosion paint
  • Resistant cable

188-LED Technical sheet

USDZ – 3D Model (iOS)

OBJ – 3D Model

GLB – 3D Model (Windows)



Power 13.7 W
Supply 110-240 V
Illuminance at 50 cm 2250 lux
Light Intensity Adjustment (Dimmer included) 5% – 100%
Dioptres / magnification power 3 / 75%
Color temperature 4.000 K
Reflector’s diameter 230 mm
Diameter of the light field 700 mm
Product’s life 50,000 hours
Colour rendering index (CRI) 94 Ra
Luminous flux 2200 lm
Structure Pantograph
IP Protection IP20
IK Protection IK03
Class III
Cabling Plug-top transformer; interchangeable plugs
Fixing S11/ S12/ S15 Clamp/ RL
Colour Hammered Grey (GM), Hammered White (BM)
Order Code 188-LED-GM, 188-LED-BM

The 188-LED model is particularly suitable for industrial use for lighting during precision work such as quality control, control of printed circuit boards, and for mould making; in the graphic field for checking prints and lithographs and in the private sector for modelling, sewing, philately or reading. The product is suitable in the medical field for minor surgery, eye surgery, podiatry, dermatology, and in the beauty treatment sector, in spas or beauty centres.

Additional information


Hammered grey, Hammered white

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