Diana Series

This series was created with the aim of offering help to users who need to illuminate uneven work areas.

The concave reflector, which can be positioned in any direction, offers incredible flexibility of use.

The products are overly sturdy and reliable thus perfectly teaming up with hardness and hard-work.

The light intensity is complitely adjustable and the LEDs are mounted on a purposedly designed plaque which ensures heat dissipation through its three layers: copper, ceramic and aluminium.

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  • 176 Led

    Given the reduced dimensions of the arms, the product is particularly intended to be used on tables. The industrial design of the product might prove to be the touch of style you need on your desk. ...
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  • 166 Led

    The unique shape of its diameter intends to offer a solution to all those lighting needs which are not wholly satisfied by traditional lighting. The pantograph arms allows for an extreme manoeuvrability. ...
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