Given the reduced dimensions of the arms, the product is particularly intended to be used on tables. The industrial design of the product might prove to be the touch of style you need on your desk.


  • S11 Clamp included
  • Curved reflector
  • Pantograph with springs
  • Metal structure
  • Anti-corrosion paint
  • Resistant cable


176-LED Technical Sheet



Power 15.5 W
Supply 110-240 V
Illuminance at 50 cm 1.770 lux
Light intensity adjustment 0,5 – 100 %
Color temperature 5.300 K
Reflector’s wide 40 cm
Diameter of the light field 700 x 650 mm
Product’s life 50.000 hours
Structure Reflector + pantograph arm with spring
IP Protection IP20
IK Protection IK05
Class III
Cabling Plug-top transformer; interchangeable plugs
Fixing Clamp S11/ S12MED/ S15 /RL / Desk Base
Colour Hammered Grey (GM), Hammered White (BM)
Order Code 176-LED-GM, 176-LED-BM


The products of the D-Series aim at offering a concrete and tangible solution to all those users in need of light when writing a letter, drawing or googleing.

The products are overly sturdy and reliable thus perfectly teaming up with hardness and hard-work. The light intensity is completely adjustable and the LEDs are mounted on a purposedly designed plaque which ensures heat dissipation through its three layers: copper, ceramic and aluminium.


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Hammered grey, Hammered white