The products are overly sturdy and reliable thus perfectly teaming up with harsness and hard-work. The light intensity is completely adjustable and the LEDs are mounted on a purposedly designed plaque which ensures heat dissipation through its three layers: copper, ceramic and aluminium.


166-LED Technical Sheet



Power 15.5 W
Supply 110-240 V
Illuminance at 50 cm 1.770 lux
Light intensity adjustment 0,5 – 100 %
Color temperature 5.300 K
Reflector’s wide 40 cm
Diameter of the light field 700 x 650 mm
Product’s life 50.000 hours
Structure Reflector + pantograph arm with spring
IP Protection IP20
IK Protection IK05
Class III
Cabling Plug-top transformer; interchangeable plugs
Fixing Clamp S11/ S12MED/ S15 / RL
Colour Hammered Grey (GM), Hammered White (BM)
Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) A
Order Code 166-LED-GM, 166-LED-BM

The products of the D-Series aim at offering a concrete and tangible solution to all those users in need of light when writing a letter, drawing or googleing.


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Hammered grey, Hammered white